The book pens a journey with Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a framework for pondering life lessons, or songs, of grace-filled "yes" to God.

This blog continues to explore the implications of these songs in daily life. Here you will find ten additional reflections on each of Mary's "songs." May they continue to encourage your heart. ~Carla

Monday, July 20, 2009

Well-Watered Worship

One of the most precious worshipping/learning communities in my life is the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. I was privileged to preach at our 10th anniversary convocation last month.

How are we walk in wisdom in the absence of our beloved Bob, now gone over two years? What does the Apostle Paul write in Ephesians 5:15-21 that helps us stay in the stream of the Holy Spirit's ministry to our community? This audio blog explicates a dance between addressing each other in truth adorned in beauty, making melody to the Lord, giving thanks to the Father and submitting to one another out reverence for Christ. I seek to explore wisdom close to the ground as it has been poured out among us in years past, and as we desire to remain in that living stream for years to come.

This blog is the link to that sermon, as I believe it has application beyond IWS. It's about 24 minutes if you have a bit of time. and click on Well-Watered Worship under June, 2009.


  1. Carla,
    I listened to your sermon and it was renewing, refreshing, beautiful, etc. I love the personal stories and the realness. I treasure the time I had in class with you and Reggie--seems like a long time ago. I hope you are finding rest and joy in the journey.

    Chuck L. Betters

  2. Thanks, Chuck. I am finding joy in the journey, and there is no place like IWS for expressing that joy. Peace to you in the deeps of your present days.~Carla